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Owen Farrell opens up about passions and motivation in Castore short film

Owen Farrell is riding high as captain of the England Rugby squad. In our short film he talks about his origins as an athlete and what inspires him to keep pushing.

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“Being open is important. Being open to doing things differently. Making mistakes. There are things that are tried and tested that you still find value in, but I need to be honest with myself, and be open to trying new things, and trying to do more.”

Owen Farrell is one of the most familiar faces in rugby. As captain of the England rugby squad, he has become a household name, and his penalty kick routine the stuff of legend. On Saturday, March 20 he will again lead his team out against Ireland in the Six Nations tournament. 

In episode 1 of the What’s Your Why? series of short films with Castore, Owen opens up about the passion he has had for the game since childhood, his motivational methods and his excitement for the future.

Castore founder Tom Beahon said: “Owen is one of those unique individuals who possesses an unwavering dedication to his sport. We see this level of commitment on the playing field but it’s always interesting to get under the skin of people like this and discover what really inspires them. This series of films aims to do just that.”

The film is available to view now here.

We have a selection of images available in the link below. 

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